PO Box 1314

The PO Box 1314 Project is a unique project to restore the joy of letter and post card writing back into our lives.

PO Box 1314, Pinecrest CA 95364

PO Box 1314, Pinecrest CA 95364

With the world becoming increasing virtual and electronic, almost everybody has lost the basic skill to send hand written based mail and meanwhile have forgotten the rewards from from both sending and receiving one on one postal mail correspondences.

PO Box 1314 is a real post office box at Pinecrest, California.  The mailing address is:

PO Box 1314,    Pinecrest, CA 94364

You can send mail, letters, postercards to this address and a return card/letter may occur.  Through sharing, collaborative efforts, ideas, mail and messages, we can find ways to restore the basic part of our lives that is disappearing from the planet. Enter your comments and suggestions!

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